There are four vital aspects to creating live performances that leave their mark. These four pillars are fundamental for the success of any show, from the largest to the smallest. The right artist, scenography, and stage can give credibility to the one who is performing, coherent lighting and in time with the topics covered, and perfect sound quality. Our professionals ensure that every live show, in a square or indoors, has the maximum yield. This is because each show is designed by studying exactly the characteristics of the artist, their tone of voice, the timbre, and the physicality of the representation. We analyze the thematic content of the show and the place where it is held. These variables make a difference in the final result. Lights and audio are enhancers that must be chiseled around a performance, enriching it with nuances. This set of skills and artistic skills together decree the quality and success of a show.


The setting up of the stage, the sound study, and the lighting designed specifically for that type of concert have a decisive impact on the perception of the overall quality of the event. These are so crucial aspects that they follow the caliber of the musician performing hand in hand. At each concert, the participants express their opinion on the audio and lighting of the show in which they participated. Because they are an integral part of the experience, they bought with their ticket. It is precisely this “spectacle” effect that depends entirely on the skill of a company like ours. By contacting us, you will be sure that your event will be listened to and appreciated by all participants. Regardless of the place they occupy and in an immersive way. The professional design also ensures that all technical elements remain safe and operational in all weather conditions. Finally, the lighting of a concert stage is the key element that transforms a good concert into an amazing experience.


In a digital world, our social nature craves unique, live, face-to-face experiences that connect us to the real world and to each other. This is even more true in a corporate environment where it is necessary to know how to share goals and visions and where stakeholders who are decisive for our development are involved. We create sensory moments – where you can touch, feel, sometimes taste, and even perceive the scent of a company or a brand. Our professionals will be able to create experiences that move, inspire and involve people. In every aspect and detail, the character and strength of a company are shown; in every enlarged or restricted manifestation of people, the corporate values ​​and principles must be present and consistently respected. Making a group cohesive, giving it a strong identity, creating a stable bond with the outside world, transmitting values requires meticulous work on the environment of the meeting and on the narrative of the event or product. Our job is to help you unravel your visual lexicon and build a network of authentic experiences that can capture and be deeply understood by those who evaluate you.


The fashion shows are all focused on elegance, luxury, glamor, and beauty. But in addition to the models and the catwalk, there is an environment and a world to be built around the garment worn that can enhance its charm and make it visible in every refined detail. Fashion shows are a crucial relational moment for the company and for all those buyers, critics and customers, who experience a deep union with the brand. We must always exceed their expectations and make them feel at the forefront of what is on show. To this end, to make this show even more vivid, we provide a specific lighting service, advanced screens, and projectors so that the public can dwell on the enlargements of the clothing details. Providing a parallel direction and focuses that can enrich their use, enhancing every aspect of the creations in their eyes. 


Gala dinners can be held to celebrate, reward or involve the public with a brand, service, or social activity. The evening event generally includes a three or four-course meal in which guests are seated and entertained by presentations of awards and speeches by prominent personalities present at the event. A gala dinner is a particular social meeting, codified through a dress code and characterized by entertainment, speakers, and a succession of surprises, which constitute the most dynamic part of a typically formal, themed event. If the gala dinner is an awards ceremony night in which the excellence of the results obtained by company executives or some associates is publicly acknowledged, it is essential to package the award ceremony by framing it in a context that gives due importance to both candidates and winners. An event of this kind can involve 50 to 1000 people, and clearly, the whole organization, the planning of activities, and the construction of the scenography, and the reference environment must be studied in detail. Our professionals will be able to give the right support and experience to make this moment unforgettable for all participants.


Planning a successful meeting means planning every aspect of its development so that the participant is welcomed in an environment capable of constantly focusing their attention on the speakers. We take care of managing the complex logistics necessary for this event, but at the same time, we work to maximize the energy of the message to be disseminated. We are able to assist the customer in all their needs by testing the audiovisual production and the reference video scenography, providing all the hall equipment, preparing the signage, coordinating the catering, and technically planning the entire event to unfold. This is so that the speakers can concentrate as much as possible on the exposure, knowing that they always have a team around, active and discreet in supporting them. A team game that must enhance and characterize the individualities, involving the participants with a direct line.


Impressing a visitor at first glance at a trade fair or trade show is one of the most demanding tasks. This is because we compete with a plurality of brands, all of which have invested money to achieve the same effect. To attract attention, it is essential to have a unique professional design, specially designed, and to have workers who, with their craftsmanship know-how, create that differential that cannot be reproduced by the competition. The materials are the same; the models that competitors will use are mostly prepackaged; it is technology, experience, and manual skills that make a stand shine on everyone present. Position and construction of the stand are the decisive cards for those who want to emerge in this competition and maximize the investment made. It is also necessary to identify the type of visitor you want to attract, studying aesthetics suitable for the purpose. The success of the project depends on the ability and experience of the professionals you choose. In our team, you will find architects, electricians, carpenters, and blacksmiths who will know tailor the visibility that your company seeks, in any context, national and international.


We provide all the professionals and equipment to direct the filming of outdoor and indoor television programs for sporting and corporate events. The preparation of our resources allows us to work on our own or in support of medium and large productions such as advertising. We share the objectives by working side by side with the customer’s team, knowing how to give our technical contribution in solving any construction problem. Our flexibility allows us to be the ideal solution for projects defined over time or to support a staff that has tight processing times. The skills we have gained in this area allow us to be a multifunctional and advantageous solution for productions that do not intend to give up the quality of the resources used. We have extensive and professional equipment for all these contexts.

We are a highly specialized technical set-up company, able to manage activities that have any degree of complexity. We operate on a national and international scale.